Black History Every Day: Black History Walks

Screen shot of the Black History Walks website offering walks, talks, films and tours in London….

That moment when you find yourself Zoomin’ to a lecture about the black history, characters and influences (indeed the reality) behind Call of Duty scenarios and characters… (and you’re not a gamer and think Call of Duty is violent and unpleasant)….But….it’s a Black History Walks lecture….

Black History Walks can be found on all the socials; their excellent talks and lectures uploaded to YouTube; their interesting events booked through Eventbrite and in person through walks, bus and river tours, and cinema showings. Their African super heroes cinema event is being blocked by the socials — and yet if their socials material publicity mirrors their Eventbrite blurb for this event seemingly there is nothing offensive there. Even more, if you can’t find what you want — for a fee, they will produce the material you want to hear and see (with a bespoke lecture service!)

Vital, informed, deeply researched work being done and delivered here — please subscribe, like, share, turn up, show up, shout about them! (And I’m in no way being paid by them to promo — just set me a challenge and all the audience to make some noise about them, so I am!)

Stopping Black History being about a month and all year round, Black History Walks talks, lectures and events are inclusive and accessible. In the Call of Duty talk I learnt about the subversive natures of the games and the politics and history behind some of the scenarios.

Previous talks have included cabaret stars and theatreland; Marvel (Stan Lee); ballet; Star Trek stamps; Darcus Howe and cinema as well as gentrification and politics. Always more to learn! and kindly, positively, professionally presented and delivered.



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