Blake Expectations: Struggling to Stay In My Seat and Not Rush the Stage and Join In @ English National Ballet’s William Forsythe Evening

Vitality! Vivacity! Sweetness! Vibrant! Sparkling dancing from English National Ballet in Play List (EP), extended from Tracks 1 and 2 and Blake Works. Quite wonderful — on the beat dancers move in a very ballet way and with precision timing to pumping soulful and neo-house dance tunes including Latin infused disco!

In Blake Works they ooze romance and ardour. In Play List, the men take centre stage — I loved the change in the audience when the Jax Jones remix came one — they began to respond to hip hop dance theatre and the screaming started! It also cut across the generations with shouts of ‘Bravo!’ The authenticity is the thing here — Blake Works in particular really get the dancers moving, working the routines of the practice room, and yet they are not hip hop dancers, it is still very much ballet. The playfulness was genuine, as was the verve. I enjoyed watching one ballerina really getting into the music and the male dancers are having fun! There was even a circle dance off — but make it ballet…

During Play List (EP) I wanted to weep when I saw a black ballerina with beautiful skin tone appropriate tights and shoes take centre stage — we may live in a complex world, but I’m glad that this basic fairness is finally being addressed. It was beautiful to see.

The clapping didn’t stop at the end and the dancers were rightly showered with roses…

Listen to the play list here — Spotify — THE FORSYTHE EVENING

The making of here —

and here —

Track 2 here —

Play List EP can be watched here —



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Susan Tailby

Susan Tailby

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