Decades of Fads and Fancies: History Wardrobe

Summery flimsy 1910s white dresses, lots of lace and broderie anglaise
First World War nurse’s uniform supplied by Harrods — we can see the Harrods label on the collar
Protective collar and cuffs for the nurse’s uniform in World War One
Protective sleeve covers for a World War One nurse’s dress
Women’s style great coat — a warm change from knit wear
Female factory workers wore trousers under tunics — which created an ethical debate about women wearing men’s clothing….
Traditional clogs had metal soles — no good for factory work! These are spark safe ones…
No factory or munitions worker’s uniform is complete without a cap to protect their hair
Much mocked, women knitted for soldiers — including gloves for using with revolvers and in the job of cutting barbed wire
Rich Regency fashion — feathery Bonnet, Topaz cross, low cut orange dress with a relaxed silhouette, creamy yellow jacket
Ready for work — one woman wears a mill worker’s clothes (smart white blouse, heavy ankle length skirt, patterned apron and clogs). Another woman is a land or factory worker — in a blouse, knee length tunic tied with a belt, trousers! and boots with a chef like cap covering her hair.



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Susan Tailby

Susan Tailby

By Susan Tailby. Appreciator of arts and culture; things I've seen and enjoyed and you might too! Reviews all my own opinion....