Heritage Mythbusting with Triskele Heritage aka James Wright

Lockdowns. Online lectures. James Wright. Castles. Archaeology!

Erudite. Entertaining. Passionate. Team Promoting. Fun. With occasional diversions into tiny son, gig, cat or cider territory.

As part of Triskele Heritage, buildings archeologist Dr James Wright has been delivering wonderful online lectures on all aspects of archaeology since the first UK Lockdown and beyond. He’s even developed a ground roots fanbase Facebook group!

Not only wanting to promote knowledge and awareness, but community, James Wright has some of the nicest audiences online; and what is not to like when you can learn about why knights weren’t drawing swords on spiral staircases, to mason’s marks, to burn marks, to bricks and the glory of castles?!!! Also one of the best Twitter’s around….

Join through Eventbrite (often free events or for a donation), and check out the Triskele Heritage blog too…I thought this was the last talk, but there’s another one in June!!!!

Get a flavour of past lectures here!



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