I Feel So Angry: Woman Goes For a Walk and Can’t

Woman walking home

I feel increasingly angry about the terrible Sarah Everard case. Woman walks home and can’t. I’m annoyed, that like so many others, my first thoughts were ‘why was she walking at 9pm?’ ‘Why was she alone?’ ‘What was she wearing?’ ‘Why did she walk through Clapham Common?’ ‘What was she doing out at night during a Lockdown?’ ‘Why was she wearing headphones?’ ‘What route did she take?’ ‘Why didn’t she get a taxi or an Uber home?’ and so on and so on….

Yet these thoughts should really be met with ‘so what?’ Why shouldn’t a man or woman be walking home at 9pm (which isn’t really that late and on a work night) dressed for walking and even wearing headphones, during a Lockdown, when there should be less people around anyway; and even if not, be able to go unmolested about their business whatever the time or day. If it was a different case and she was drunk and wearing the tightest, shortest skirt for an evening out — so what? Go about your business unmolested. These why, what, when thoughts are so blaming and unhelpful because these are the thoughts women have all the time. Even if you jump in a car and drive everywhere; even if you cycle…And if the legal system proves to be true an abuse of someone’s trust and position and authority….

Picture from Sky News of Sarah Everard
Slogan on wall — Protect your daughters (this is crossed out) — replaced with Educate your sons
From Graham Millar’s Twitter — slogan chalked on path in Wandsworth — she was just walking home
Pie chart stating suggested causes of rape. Despite all the sugegstions, the whole pie chart shows rapists as the true cause of rape.



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