Looking Good At 60 Mr Bond: A Woman Watches Bond…Live in Concert

Living my best Bond life in three parts this weekend. My cinema of choice — the Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London. A very large screen! A live orchestra in the form of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (and for Casino Royale, in person David Arnold to play on the James Bond Theme Tune, and for Skyfall, in person Sam Mendes on the stage to introduce the film)…

So happy to be celebrating Bond at 60 and also to be able to travel to see three fantastic Craig era Bonds at the Royal Albert Hall — surviving a SMERSH like train fiasco of engineering works, diversions via Portsmouth and Guildford, delayed trains, getting stuck behind slow moving trains, rerouting around strikes in Reading and essentially doing a lot of running. Plus arriving into the auditorium with 4 minutes to spare! (Not to mention Thursday night suddenly turning into two trains and a replacement bus back home, then no taxi and a walk home!) Surely Southwest Trains were at the Spectre table?

Extremely worth surviving the diabolical travel for though, as I sat in aptly named row M a couple of times; the percussion were superb during Spectre; the conducting was enthusiastic and energetic, and on such a large screen (with a nice touch of subtitling) you notice the details, such as Bond’s Casino Royale joke to M about being ‘half hit man, half monk’.

The Royal Albert Hall is such a beautiful and opulent building, with Bond 60s in the balloon like ceiling. There was no need to fear sitting closer to the screen because you get a better view of the orchestra and Bond! Not to mention the camaraderie of clapping Bond’s wins and the DB5. During the interval you can play spot the Bond inspired fashion and haircuts and enjoy the sparkles, and certainly a dinner jacket or two.

The cinematography of Skyfall and Spectre look amazing on such a vast screen, and all the better to see the action of Casino Royale. Appreciating the excellence of the acting, the sheer amount of detail that goes into creating scenes, the thrillingness of racing Astons around Italy before plunging into a river, and just how funny Spectre is — it’s really grown on me as a movie.

Happy anniversary Mr Bond!



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