Lost In Music: Sepia with Nate Orr and Morphe Arts

Delightfully hybrid gig (part in person, part online audience) I really appreciated being able to attend a gig in Wales by beaming in from Hampshire. Also a pay what you can as a musician's fundraiser and sharing of music.

Whilst I don’t need a singer-songwriter to tell me all the ins and outs of each song, I appreciated that Nate took the time to chat about the inspiration behind his songs — some are funny, some are romantic, some are photographically inspired and some wistfully reflective, interspersed with poetry.

Great singer-songwriter and a really gentle style of guitar playing, sort of emotional jazzy classical. I love the song about the unhurried flitting bird in particular — great words! Some beautifully and really uniquely written songs of faith too — not the obvious images or words I’m used to hearing.

Support here so he can do more creative stuff — https://account.stewardship.org.uk/donation/oneoff/NathanaelOrr

Give all the socials a well deserved like (also SoundCloud, Spotify and BandCamp)

*Confession — I’m not a fan at all of modern Christian poetry cos most of it seems to be very Ted Hughesian and just unsubtle and bad, I guess I’m always looking for something I can share with friends who don’t share my faith — I enjoyed the poem too here (so high praise indeed from me!!)*



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