Go Go! GoGo Penguin @ The Barbican

Online gig of the year — a reschedule from last year. With a new drummer, GoGo Penguin are sounding tight and bright.

Beautifully shot livestream from the Barbican — (Royal Opera House take note) — the music and the lighting are the stars. Along with Pete Tong and Jules Buckley’s Ibiza Classics moments, the lighting totally matches the mood and music here.

And well, how often do you find jazz played like it’s clubbing?!!! Protest is such a fantastic piece.

Great too to hear the audience whooping — almost as good as being there in person (with a 72% train service on a work night this just wasn’t possible).

I love the fact that everyone gets their own ‘light’ moment — piano, drummer and base…and yet it complements, not distracting or detracting from the music or performance. Everyone has gadgets too!

Worth going to for the shots of the piano alone!

Another thing I like about Go Go Penguin is the way they thank those behind the ‘scenes’ contributing to the performance — sound engineers, set up crew, the genius behind the lights…

Did I mention that there’s a pyramid?!!!!

Beautiful music, beautifully presented….

@Photos of beautiful lights mesmerising the author entirely the author’s own from the Barbican livestream of Go Go Penguin, February 2022



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