Super Spectre: A Happy Bond Movie

I’d forgotten what a good movie Spectre is. How could I have done this??? In my Amazon Bond marathon I couldn’t even remember the plot details, let alone how vital and beautiful the score is. As a partner to No Time To Die, this is the reverse — Bond meets girl, falls in love, gets the car and the girl at the end…

With references to a similarly beautifully scored Bond movie, You Only Live Twice and its Skyfall predecessor, this is a less tormented Bond on the trail of Blofeld and the Spectre ring. Whilst we never quite get to the point of what Blofeld and Madeleine’s estranged Dad were trying to do in taking over/destroying the world, there are some fabulous locations and vicious fights along the way.

Best of all is Bond in a train dining car, with an age appropriate woman as a sparring partner and someone who can best him — ofcourse she knows how to assemble a gun, no extra training needed! Someone who is more of a partner than decorative and knows her own mind without having to scream for help, although still able to admit that she is scared when taken captive.

Thomas Newman’s score is beautiful, although very similar to Skyfall. The rescue of Madeleine (who has a good go at rescuing herself) is thrilling as is Bond discovering a secret room by literally bashing the wall in after going Rabbie Burns in a loaded ode to a mouse.

The ending with Blofeld crashing dramatically onto a London Bridge and Andrew Scott aka C being dispatched are gripping, especially as Blofeld squelches towards arrest by M at the end.

Really this is Lea Seydoux’s film as she brings intelligence, humanity and glamour to Bond, while being very much her own woman — she rescues Bond as much as he rescues her! Monica Bellucci is wasted but brings style and dignity to a flimsy role; even Bond’s creepiness is glamourised here as her protector.

More enjoyable is Bond is bashing/demolishing style as of old (Casino Royale mode) as he blows up an apartment and then realises that it’s about to fall onto him, then falls onto a happily soft landing…Not quite as epic as the shot to end all shots but the helicopter fight soaring perilously close towards a celebratory Day of Dead teeming crowd is breath-hold inducing! (as much as the fights are wince inducing).

Less stylish and stylised than Roger Moore, but also pleasantly more modern and equal, I wonder now how I could have forgotten the plot of Spectre — what a brilliant Bond! (with jokes ’n’ banter too. There’s a nice Q and Tanner moments (especially when Tanner has to say preposterous things whilst roaring down the Thames on a boat in order to show Bond the ‘new digs’). Also Q having to ‘hide’ a nano tagged (arghh foreshadowing of No Time To Die) Bond by pretending that he is in fact in the UK, not Austria and risking the lethal wrath of M. Also cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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